Chamber Nation

If you are not fully satisfied with your new membership management system and website within 30 days of delivery, we'll refund your setup fee and close account.

We are EcTownUSA, LLC. which was founded in 2005 by Richard Scully. We launched to build an entirely new infra-structure that Chambers of Commerce could use to grow and retain membership. Since then we have expanded to four distinct membership management systems designed specifically for who they support.

A fully integrated system for membership management and the latest in social networking automation all built-in.

Now used by thousands nation-wide with the references to back our exceptional services.

We pride ourselves on our ability to turn big technology into easy to understand and operate solutions for membership organization management and staff.
We formally launched in 2005 after our founder Richard Scully was listening to a Chamber of Commerce executive speaking on talk radio about everything they did for the community.

Honesty, our founder was truly impressed, but being a former software development executive was curious how a Chamber with such a small budget could accomplish so much. The executive on the radio was Paul MacBeth who at the time was the Chamber Executive Director at the Quincy Chamber of Commerce.

After the radio interview (described above) was over our founder contacted Paul MacBeth at the Quincy Chamber of Commerce to learn more about the Chamber. After talking to Paul he determined that just maybe Chambers of Commerce needed a new system to manage the various operations associated with running and growing a Chamber of Commerce.

On this hunch Richard began contacting various Chambers to find out how they managed so much on so little revenue... over and over he learned that most had nothing in place to help them automate much of this effort, or what they had simply managed the members and did nothing to manage projects or grow and retain membership.

Having a successful software development history, former CEO of a San Francisco area based company and many years specifically in infra-structure automation, our founder began building a software proto-type for Chambers of Commerce. With no former Chamber of Commerce experience Richard relied heavily on input from Chamber executives.

With a very early version of the software in place, commitments from several Chambers to utilize it (yes we provided it for free to entice them), we began to see some real success.

Shortly after our first tests were successful we were offered a considerable investment by one of the Chamber of Commerce executives we had been working with. With this investment in hand we launched "E Chamber Town USA" hence EcTownUSA.

EcTownUSA, LLC. remains to this day the holding company and provider of services, but in 2008 we decided to relaunch our services for Chambers of Commerce under the new brand of Chamber Nation.

Currently we support Chambers in 31 states with thousands of users.Our recent launch of the Chamber Social Network proves that we are committed to helping our customers remain very competitive in this very competitive membership landscape.